Caserta Concepts Named Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2015

Caserta Concepts named one of the fastest growing IT services companies in 2015 by Silicon Review magazine.

‘Leading solution provider brings experience and expertise to big data management.’

Caserta Concepts provides transformative data strategies and modern data engineering for Big Data, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Logo_tsr2Through effective data analytics, Caserta Concepts helps companies enhance current business operations and identify opportunities for growth. Caserta Concepts provides customized advanced data analytics solutions that can pinpoint market positioning, realize revenue growth, improve customer satisfaction, and increase overall business productivity. Their solutions enable clients to determine the best strategic direction needed to move forward.

Caserta Concepts began offering superior data services based on the best practices and proven results introduced by its founder Joe Caserta in his best-selling book, The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit (Co-authored with Ralph Kimball in 2004). In 2009, the prescient Joe Caserta recognized the need for methods and technologies to store, process and analyze big data for business benefit and transformed the business into a data innovation firm. Since then, Caserta has successfully combined proven data practices with innovative techniques and emerging technologies to solve unique and complex business challenges.

Today, New York-based Caserta Concepts is an award-winning company well known for its visionary leadership in modern data engineering, data analytics, governance, information quality and transformative business solutions for clients across a spectrum of sizes and specialties. Its trusted capabilities and innovative approach to solving clients’ data needs has earned the firm 600% growth in the past 3 years.

Getting into Service
Caserta Concepts provides consulting services to help develop strategy and implement solutions that maximize data value. The firm collaborates with CXOs and their IT organizations to build custom technical data solutions, using best practices developed by the company in an agile approach to solving business and technical challenges within a methodical framework for a total enterprise-wide solution.

“We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have such forward-thinking clients who realize innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have. We are excited to be recognized for doing what we love: to provide custom tailored solutions that require creative thinking, technical innovation and mastered data engineering to solve distinctive data challenges to advance business growth ” says Joe Caserta.

The company works across a variety of industries including banking and financial services, health care, insurance, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, and ad tech. Clients are national and global leaders, calling on Caserta Concepts to provide solutions to minimize risk, reduce costs, cut down waste, improve customer experience, and increase productivity.


  • Caserta Concepts takes a holistic view and is recognized for its unique analytic approach. The company assesses the management of data assets and recommends methods to maximize data value across the enterprise, increasing the bottom line and identifying new revenue streams.
  • Caserta Concepts implements a wide variety of proven and emerging big data technologies, enhanced by their built-for-purpose innovation. They offer clients tailored solutions to address exact needs. The firm uses their cloud-based Caserta Innovation Lab (CIL) to test and assess nascent data technologies, developing solutions that are “innovative, but safe,” while protecting clients from making badbusiness or technology decisions.
  • Caserta Concepts builds solutions with the intent theirclient become self-sufficient as they move forward. They provide education, training and knowledge transfer to the client’s internal IT, data science and business staff.

As told by a Vice President of a Global Financial Services Company, “Caserta Concepts provided us with world-class Solution Architecture. We had a significant Enterprise project and Caserta was instrumental in helping craft the strategy, design and eventual implementation of critical aspects of the solution. They were a quick study of our business and brought vast technical expertise to bear enabling us to attain highly successful results.”

To Meet the Goal
Caserta Concepts is focused on fulfilling the exact needs of clients and developing solutions to enable business growth. The opportunities they face are how best to identify and manage the explosion of data coming from a variety of sources and how to keep ahead of rapidly evolving technology for valuable strategies and solutions. Caserta Concepts invests in rigorous training programs for their consultants and leverages its internal Innovation Lab (CIL), to research, test, assess and employ emerging technologies and provide thoughtful technical leadership to clients. Caserta also uses CIL to create and develop products for client project accelerators such as data quality sub-systems, search-based business intelligence, graph-based relationship intelligence and many other innovative products.

Services include:

  • Big Data Analytics – Caserta Concepts’ Big Data offering integrates unstructured data analytics with existing enterprise data systems. The result is world-class analytics solutions.
  • Data Warehouse Consulting –Joe Caserta literally co-wrote the book on how best to design successful data warehouse solutions. Caserta Concepts uses the practice of Model Storming to apply proven agile techniques to design the logical and implement the physical enterprise data warehouse solution that supports and encourages effective cross-functional business analysis.
  • Business Intelligence –The Caserta Concepts team of experts provides business driven solutions that transform and integrate corporate and non-corporate data. This provides executives and managers with the information they need, when they need it, to better run and grow the business.
  • Data Integration/ ETL Services –Data Integration/ETL solutions are implemented with a mix of proven methods and emerging technologies. With expertise built on a foundation of experience with managed data systems, Caserta Concepts incorporates open-source technology and cloud-based infrastructure, building solutions to tackle data management challenges.
  • Data Science –The Company employs state-of-the-art data exploration techniques to help clients gain business insights. Caserta Concepts works to discover customer patterns, predict product activity, and forecast business operations. This facilitates target-marketing initiatives and a better understanding ofthe results of sales campaigns while fueling strategic business decisions.
  • Master Data Management (MDM)–Caserta Concepts’ solutions helps businesses clean, conform, consolidate, and master critical data, leading to credible and trusted data operations. Their MDM strategies create consistent, complete, contextual and accurate business data for all stakeholders across and beyond the enterprise.
  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM) –Caserta Concepts develops EDM strategies that help clients to access consistent, accurate and transparent data for solutions are scalable and reliable. Caserta Concepts EDM solutions include unstructured and structured data repositories, advanced analytics, machine learning, business intelligence and reporting, data cataloging, governance, information lifecycle management, security/user access, data integration, data quality, data lineage and organization changes required to leverage and support a new data architecture.