Management Team

Offering Expertise in Big Data, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions

Caserta Concepts has superior technical knowledge in building big data and data warehouse solutions. Their project management abilities ensure successful project completion. Formed in 2001, Caserta Concepts has a proven track record of providing sound strategic consultancy and successfully implementations of effective big data, data warehouse and business intelligence solutions including new system development and existing system enhancements.

Joe Caserta – President and CEO

As a veteran solution provider and co-author of the industry best seller ‘The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit,’ Joe Caserta has built big data and data warehouse solutions for businesses and organizations in eCommerce, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Education.

Joe is dedicated to providing big data, data warehouse and business intelligence consulting and training services to help businesses realize the value in their data and to gain new business insights, the key to competitive strength.

Joe is an industry thought leader whose methods are innovative and creative to help companies organize, clean and access data for actionable business results.  Many of Joe’s solutions have been published in industry magazines as he continuously sets new standards for building cost effective, sustainable big data and data warehouse solutions.

Bob Eilbacher – VP, Sales and Marketing

Bob-web126wBob is an experienced sales professional with a proven track record for providing technology based solutions and services that focus on uncovering operational insights and driving efficiencies across an enterprise. Bob works with our clients to identify strategies and offer solutions that transform structured and unstructured data into analytics-driven business insights. His strong background in technology, coupled with a deep appreciation for how our solutions provide value, allows for Bob to engage as a trusted advisor with our clients.

Leading new business development initiatives and ventures with a demonstrated record of success, Bob helps analyze the viability of proposed big data and data warehouse solutions, develops creative strategies to achieve success, and implements processes that ensure results are on time, under budget, and beyond expectations.

Elliott Cordo – Chief Architect

Elliott is a big data, data warehouse and information management expert with a passion for helping companies transform their data into powerful information so they can better manage their financial and operational performance.

He brings with him more than a decade of experience in implementing big data and data warehouse solutions with hands-on experience in every component of the data warehouse software development lifecycle. This experience, combined with business acumen is proven to be a winning combination for our clients.

Elliott’s role within Caserta Concepts is to oversee large-scale major technology projects, including those involving business intelligence, data analytics, big data and data warehousing.

Leslie Linsner – Talent Manager

Leslie Lindsner 126 x 126Leslie is a seasoned Global Talent Acquisition/Talent Manager with experience in recruiting and managing technical, sales, marketing and senior executives across multiple verticals and industries. With over 15 years of experience, Leslie is continuing to build Caserta Concepts’ consultant network, identifying new resources and establishing communications with industry experts. Leslie has designed and managed various talent acquisition strategies to ensure that our teams of technology experts are matched accurately and effectively to our client needs, creating a strong base from which we drive our next generation solutions.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us about how Caserta’s unique expertise can help your business to realize the value of your data though big data and data warehouse solutions.