Big Data, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions

Our clients are a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies that work within data-intensive environments. They are looking for the best big data and data warehouse solutions. Our clients turn to Caserta Concepts in order to transform their data into a usable, valuable asset that can help their staff make vital, business decisions more effectively.

Our clients come from different vertical markets that range from finance and eCommerce, to healthcare and higher education.

Below is a sampling of testimonials…

“I worked with Caserta Concepts at Sterling Life Insurance Company. Caserta Concepts was approached to provide a full-featured business decision support platform that included Data Warehouse, ETL, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management, and even Mobile Device BI.

At the time of Caserta Concepts’ arrival, Sterling had basic reporting that was executed by scattered business users, directly against operational data stores and production systems. This method was less then ideal resulting in reports that were inconsistent and often confused executive management instead of enlightening them.

Caserta Concepts’ excellent team interfaced directly with all levels of the company to frame out a comprehensive platform that could meet Sterling’s needs and provide us the competitive advantage we were seeking. During this time Caserta Concepts provided amazing vision and a wealth of knowledge to educate Sterling staff, deal with issues, build consensus and skillfully steer the business towards realization of the system we hoped for; but didn’t have the knowledge to fully realize.

I have the highest regard for Joe Caserta’s leadership, expertise, and ability to produce results and would not hesitate to work with Caserta Concepts again.”
Tom Cahill
IT Director
Sterling Health Plans

“Caserta Concepts is extremely experienced in the field of Data Warehousing. Especially in the methodology of Dimensional Modeling. Their willingness to share and mentor others in this field is second to none. Caserta Concepts would be a great asset to any Data Warehouse project.”
Keith Belanger
Sr. Data Warehouse Data Architect
Liberty Mutual Insurance

“Caserta Concepts worked for me at Priceline and at Swiss Re.  They offer the smartest and most professional technologists I have had the pleasure to work with. Caserta Concepts expertise in data warehousing and ETL is probably among the best you can get. Caserta Concepts has the rare combination of being highly technical while at the same time, their business savvy and interpersonal skills instill an air of confidence in all with whom they interact.”
Gary Boyd
Senior Vice President
Global IT, Swiss Re

“Caserta Concepts is one of the global leaders in the Data Warehouse Architecture space. They have influenced architecture across the industry with one of the leading books on data integration. Joe Caserta’s book sits on the desk of most every ETL designer. Caserta Concepts is a pleasure to work with and if Joe Caserta ever left private practice would be leading a tier one Business Information Management practice.”
Douglas Pressman
Data Warehouse Architect
Acxius Strategic Consulting

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