Best Practices

Caserta Concepts’ Specialists Big Data and Data Warehouse Best Practices

Caserta Concepts’ data solution specialists know better than anyone that building a large-scale relationship data warehouse is a complex task. However, we make sure we follow data warehouse best practices to minimize risk and ensure that we deliver an effective data warehouse solution on time and to budget.

Our experts build data warehouse best practices into our solutions, regardless of whether the warehouses are based on Oracle, SQL Server or MPP DW appliances like Teradata, Netezza and Greenplum.

Best Practices are Essential for a Successful Data Warehouse Solution

Some of the data warehousing best practice techniques adopted by our specialists include:

  • Data Distribution– This provides enhanced performance and helps make information more manageable. However, the grain must be selected carefully, with regard to whether by date, transactions or hashed.
  • Lean data management – Caserta Concepts clients have come to expect a lean, scalable solution that is manageable and will grow as the amount of data collected by a firm expands.
  • An efficient ETL process – The effective loading of the data is an important part of the data warehousing best practices process and must support the business with regards to refresh frequency and data latency.

Alongside the above, and many more technical best practices, Caserta Concepts is dedicated to following its own, established best practices, which it has developed over years of experience in developing and implementing data warehouse solutions for clients from an array of distinct industries.

Building a data quality sub-system into the data warehouse design and implementation process is also part of the ‘Caserta Method’ that helps provide, lean, business-driven solutions that are proven to work.

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