Big Data Analytics Best Practices

Although big data analytics is relatively new concept for many, it’s influence and potential is growing all the time. Far from being the daunting task many may expect, following best practices helps to simplify big data analytics and increase its value and chance of success.

Establish Requirements for Big Data Analytics

Like so many kinds of data analytics projects, establishing a business’ data requirements is the first and essential step in the big data analytics process. Using our proven techniques to establish hour client’s big data management requirements help sour analysts design and implement effective solutions.

Our agile methods to gather business requirements for big data solutions is vital as the value of data grows larger as new sources of data become available in continuous persistent data streams. At Caserta Concepts, our specialists establish a clear picture of the questions a client wants to answer before implementing any big data analytics project.

Don’t Focus on IT

Big data and business intelligence solutions are most effective when we approach the project from a business objectives perspective. We encourage staff to focus on using analytics to answer their ongoing business questions. To do this, we work with our clients to reduce the gap between business objectives and IT objectives.

Evaluate Data Needs

Whether a business is ready for big data analytics or not, carrying out a full evaluation of data coming into a business and how it can best be used to the business’s advantage is advised. This process usually requires input from your business sponsors, CIO, IT managers and data warehouse specialists. Together we analyze what data needs to be retained, managed and made accessible, and what data can be discarded.

When it comes to the practicalities of big data analytics, best practice is to start small by identifying specific, high value opportunities, while not losing site of the big picture. We achieve these objectives with our big data framework: Plan large, build iteratively.

Using open source Hadoop technology help sour big data analytics projects deliver results for the stakeholders and gain businesses significant competitive advantage.

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