Business Intelligence Best Practices

Caserta Concepts understands Business Intelligence Best Practices

When embarking on a business intelligence program, working to a set of best practices is one of the ways Caserta Concepts’ specialists help to assure the quality, consistency and effectiveness of our services.

We build solutions based on proven methodologies and a range of best practices that we have experience in deploying to great effect.

An example of these best practices include:

Establishing an Executive Sponsor

Obtaining the support of a high level executive within a business who can champion the benefits of a business intelligence solution is very valuable. The influence of a senior member of staff in helping to encourage interest in, and the use of, a business intelligence solution is a vital part of the process for us.

Reducing the Gap Between IT and Business

When developing a business intelligence solution, staff can be skeptical as they view the solution as an IT concern only. We believe that by reducing the distance between business objectives and IT objectives, staff will gain a greater understanding of how business intelligence will benefit them.

Data Quality is of the Utmost Importance

Without the ability to guarantee the quality of data, a business intelligence solution is all but worthless. Caserta Concept’s experience allows us to improve data quality via a number of checkpoints.

Measuring Progress

Perhaps the most important best practice to observe when implementing a business intelligence solution is to ensure that success and effectiveness is measured on an ongoing basis. Here at Caserta Concepts, we measure our success on that of our clients and we want businesses to be able to thrive as a result of the insights our solutions provide. This can only be achieved if the impact of our work is measured and assessed.

Speak to us to find out more about the importance of best practice when implementing a business intelligence program.