Data Modeling Best Practices

Businesses often struggle to extract the value from their data and need Caserta Concept’s data modeling expertise to help them create well-designed, intuitive models.

When designing a data model, it is important best practices are followed in order to help businesses make the right decisions based on their data – data-driven decision making, with confidence.

Whether a business wants to gain a better view of its customer base, or analyze a specific trend, using the correct data model and the right data modeling techniques is vital. Best practices allow us to create data models more confidently.

The Unique Requirements of the Client are Paramount

Creating a data model without carrying out thorough business requirements analysis would be setting yourself up for a fall. Our effective data modeling process starts with business requirements and makes sure these stay at the forefront of the process throughout.

We work our clients in specialized work sessions called Model Storming, where we combine requirements gathering and data modeling to expedite the data modeling process and get immediate confirmation of our models from the business subject matter experts.

Model Storming data modeling sessions create a scalable solution that will grow with a business.

Top-down and Bottom-up Data Modeling Methodologies

Top down logical data models are usually constructed after information is sought from subject matter experts. It will largely serve as a reference point. Bottom-up models, on the other hand, are physical models based on existing data structures and fields. It’s best practice complement models generated from Model Storming sessions with physical attribution discovered during Bottom-up analysis.

Ensuring Data Quality Comes First

The quality of the data is vital in any data-modeling project and here at Caserta Concepts, we help to eliminate errors and duplication through a series of checkpoints in the process. Making sure that the data is accurate and relevant is the basis for any effective data-modeling project.

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