Data Warehouse Architecture Best Practices

 Caserta Concepts focuses on Data Warehouse Architecture Best Practices

Architecture is the foundation of any data warehouse project. We’ve devised and adhere to best practice guidelines in the architecture and design of each of our data warehouse projects. Designing an elegant, intuitive data warehouse solution that is built on a solid foundation to withstand growth and change, is a challenging process. Our proven data warehouse architecture best practices offer clients piece of mind during even the most comprehensive data warehouse implementations.

Designing a Data Warehouse solution that addresses business problems

The primary purpose of every data warehouse project is to surround the business objectives and provide an analytics platform to fulfill unmet business needs. Caserta Concepts starts every project with a full business requirements gathering phase, using special Model Storming techniques, which directly translates into the architecture and design of the data warehouse solution.

Change is a Constant

During the data warehouse architecture process, designing a system that allows for constant change and growth ensures a system that is scalable and future-facing. Our experienced experts are each exposed to various business verticals and have an unparalleled view of business challenges and trends. Our data warehouse architecture allows for new business processes and data sources to be added or changed at any time.

Data Warehouse Usability is Key

A data warehouse is only effective if users understand how it works and can use it easily and efficiently. The complexity of the system is limited to the back room operations and the process through which data is presented is built to provide simple, intuitive interfaces to the user.

Selecting the Right Data Model

Designing an effective data model is vital while designing a data warehouse solution for business intelligence and analytics purposes. Additionally, the quality of the data so important, Caserta Concepts’ data warehouse architects build data quality sub-systems, including data driven rule based data quality checkpoints, into the process.

Sharing Data

Our best practice is to design a metadata solution into our architecture to allow technical information sharing between data warehouse components. Moreover, each architecture design begins with a Data Warehouse Bus Matrix to ensure standardization and conformity across business processes and dimensions.

Our expert data warehouse architects use proven best practices to produce scalable, maintainable and intuitive solutions specifically to satisfy the unique business requirements of our clients.

Talk to our experts today about how our data warehouse specialists can design a solution that will help your organization to analyze your business information more effectively.