Master Data Management Best Practices

Master data management is vital for organizations that must ensure its’ data is consistent, reliable and accessible.

Mastering your data can significantly streamline business processes, improve workflow continuity and reduce operating costs.

Here at Caserta Concepts, we use a precise and practiced master data management strategy to help provide consistent, contextual and accurate data for all stakeholders.

Top-Down Involvement

To get the very best results from a master data management program, there must be a holistic framework of people, processes and technology in place. It’s vital cultural change takes place to ensure that everyone, down from the CEO is involved in the formation of a MDM strategy and roadmap.

We help establish a small but solid team too verse data stewardship under the direction of senior staff.

Strong Project Management is Key

The importance of project management for any master data management project cannot be underestimated. Master data management projects can be stressful for any business and strong project management helps to ease any frictions or anxieties that may arise among senior staff.

We find it is a good idea to create a pipeline of communication where staff can voice any concerns and can learn more about the objective and business benefits of the master data management project. One of the best ways to ensure your project is managed in a way that eases the entire process is to adopt effective dialog with all staff and offer training to those who will be affected by the new or modified data management systems.

Generate Interest and Demand

Caserta Concepts’ data specialists find that businesses that manage to generate a sense of interest and demand in creating a master data management system benefit more from the MDM capabilities once it is in place.

Processes should be Scalable and Future-Facing

Master data management is a long-term objective and ensuring our systems grow with a business is vital. Our data specialists are uniquely positioned to know what the future holds for many businesses in a diverse range of industries, including health care, insurance and financial services. We are therefore able to ensure that our master data management systems can be expanded and scaled up to meet future demands.

Please contact us today to find out more about the master data management best practices we use to help when linking and mastering your businesses’ critical data.