Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Datameer and Azure for Big Data Insights (Slides)

Caserta Concepts, Datameer and Microsoft shared their combined knowledge and a use case on big data, the cloud and deep analytics. At the Meetup, hosted at Microsoft offices, attendees learned how a global leader in the test, measurement and control systems market reduced their big data implementations from 18 months to just a few. Speakers … [Read more...]

Cross-Fire Panel Discussion at Data Summit 2016 Debates the Implications of IoT

Joyce Wells of Database Trends & Applications attended Data Summit 2016 held in NYC earlier this week and reported from the panel discussion, The Internet of Things Cross-Fire Panel. Here is what the panelists had to say... What’s ahead for the Internet of Things as far as data privacy, standards for interoperability, and meaningful use … [Read more...]

Intro to Data Science on Hadoop (Slides)

Joe Caserta's 2016 Data Summit Workshop "Introduction to Data Science with Hadoop" on May 9, expanded on his Intro to Data Science Workshop held at last year's Summit. Again, Joe presented to a standing-room only audience with a focus on the data lake, governance and the role of the data scientist. For more information on Caserta … [Read more...]

The Emerging Role of the Data Lake (Slides)

The 20th annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference took place in San Diego last month April 17-21.  It is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. Joe Caserta was a featured presenter. His session “Evolving from the Data Warehouse to Big Data Analytics - the Emerging Role of the Data Lake," … [Read more...]

Data lake meets warehouse in hybrid data architectures

TechTarget/SearchData Management senior editor Jack Vaughan talked to Joe Caserta, CEO Caserta Concepts, at EDW in San Diego last week. Joe shared his views on the relationship between the Data Lake and the Data Warehouse... As the Hadoop data lake gains more definition and deployments, it's beginning to look like something that will coexist … [Read more...]

Data lake governance is crucial to big data management

Francesca Sales, site editor for Tech Target/SearchCIO, quotes experts in the field of data lakes and governance in the article "Data lake governance is crucial to big data management."  Caserta Concepts' CEO Joe Caserta was recently interviewed for an in-depth article for Tech Target/CIO Decisions and some of his thoughts are included … [Read more...]

Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Using Apache Spark for Mastering Customer Data (Slides)

The AWS PopUp Loft on West Broadway in NYC provided the venue for the most recent Big Data Warehousing Meetup. The topic, Using Apache Spark for Mastering Customer Data, had Caserta Concepts and Databricks addressing the number one operational and analytic goal of every organization today – to have a complete view of every customer. After an … [Read more...]

Caserta Concepts Named Top 10 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016

Silicon Review (TSR), the online and print community for business & technology professionals, has named Caserta Concepts to its list of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016. TSR tracks technology segments including software, IT Services, Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data, and recognizes outstanding achievement in different categories. … [Read more...]

Data lake governance: A big data do or die

“Data lake governance may not be a sexy undertaking, but it's become a critical component in modern data architecture, according to experts,” reports Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer at TeachTarget/Search CIO.  Read what Joe Caserta, CEO of Caserta Concepts, has to say about the role of the data lake and managing the ever-increasing influx of … [Read more...]

Big Data at a Turning Point: Q&A with Joe Caserta

"I think in 2016 we are going to see a big growth spurt for the big data paradigm...because we are starting to figure out a few things" says Caserta Concepts CEO Joe Caserta. Joe's in-depth interview with DBT&A/Big Data Quarterly editor Joyce Wells ranges from thoughts on big data technology adoption to the cloud and important technologies … [Read more...]