Data Warehouse Lifecycle

Managing the data warehouse lifecycle is an important factor in ensuring the success of any data-warehousing project. There are several stages that each of our projects goes through, which help our experts deliver the data analysis results that truly add value for our clients.

Business Requirements Gathering Plays a Central Role in a Data Warehouse Lifecycle

The Caserta Method requires our experts to carry out a full and in-depth analysis of your business requirements before we embark upon designing or implementing your data warehouse solution.

We speak to decision-makers to find out where their specific challenges lie and what they would like to be able to extract from their enterprise data. Only then do our data warehouse specialists start to move onto the design phase of the data warehouse lifecycle.

Designing Your Data Warehouse Using the Very Latest Technology

We use a range of data analysis systems and software, including Oracle, Cognos, and Informatica tools to design scalable systems that support your business and your staff’s decision making.

Quality Checks Every Step of the Way

We believe that the quality of your data is of the utmost importance. As a result, we continuously measure data quality and use proven design and implementation methods to ensure the process is smooth.

As well as other data warehouse lifecycle stages, like testing and integration, Caserta Concepts specialists make sure that communication with clients is open and ongoing.

Speak to our experts today to find out more about the data warehouse lifecycle.