Single-node Hadoop Cluster Demo

Updated March 2014

We have developed a fully functional single-node Hadoop cluster for our friends and customers to explore this technology. It features Apache Hadoop 1.0.4, PIG, Mahout, and Hive. We are delivering this solution in two ways:

  1. Download and use our pre-built virtual machine:This VM is based on Debian Linux and is fully configured with this software. We have also included the popular Movie-Lens data pre-loaded to the HDFS file system.
    Download/Quickstart »
  2. Build it yourself:For those interested in familiarizing themselves with the install and configuration of these tools we provide a “known good” recipe for developing your own Hadoop system.
    Build Your Own »

Over the next couple of months we will release a series of exercises to walk you through some interesting use cases. Our first use case will be building a simple recommendation engine. Please check back soon for updates.