Our range of Big Data, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Consulting services is comprehensive and helps our clients get the very best from their data.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data presents today’s companies with a new set of opportunities. The ability to store and analyze massive amounts of enterprise, non-enterprise and social data has created a new level of insight, foresight, and competition. Our Big Data offering integrates unstructured data analytics and Hadoop with existing enterprise data systems. The result is world-class data analysis – amplified by the use of Big Data technologies.

Data Warehouse Consulting

Proven agile data warehousing methodologies and best practices are used to design our data warehouse solutions. Caserta Concepts utilizes business requirements collected during Model Storming sessions and prepared by their analysts to apply their proven techniques to design the logical, and implement the physical, enterprise solution to support and encourage effective business analysis.

Business Intelligence Services

Our team of experts provides business driven solutions that transform and integrate corporate & non-corporate data into well-designed business intelligence systems, providing decision makers with the ultimate competitive advantage.

Data Integration / ETL Services

Effective and efficient ETL architecture and design is the cornerstone of any data warehouse. Our Data Integration/ETL solutions are implemented with a foundation of proven methods and brought to completion with veteran experience in the realities of existing data systems. We are specialists in the tools required to extract data from existing systems, transform it into information, and load it into a dimensional data warehouse to create an efficient and effective business intelligence solution.

Data Mining

Our state-of-the-art data mining techniques help our clients gain useful business insights. Using a range of data mining technologies and techniques, we help businesses to discover customer patterns, predict product activity, and forecast business operations. We use data mining to help our clients target marketing initiatives more effectively, understand the results of sales campaigns and make important strategic business decisions.

Master Data Management

We help businesses link their critical data into a master system, leading to more efficient and effective operations. We believe that building a holistic framework of people, processes and technology will help your business to streamline operations and our precise MDM strategy and roadmap helps you create consistent, complete, contextual and accurate business data for all stakeholders across and beyond your enterprise.

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