Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

In the past few years, the growth of cloud-based infrastructure has been explosive. Some of the most advanced application infrastructures on the planet are now being provisioned completely on the cloud. Now, it’s time for our analytic applications to take this evolutionary step as well.

Capex vs. Opex and the Cloud

The capex/opex objection is being won over by the indisputable enablements and cost savings of elastic computing. Historically, an organization’s analytic architecture has been burdensome on infrastructure resources. Removing these infrastructure and scalability concerns from the equation will allow developers and business users to focus more on how to leverage data instead of operational concerns on how to build an store it.

New Cloud-Based Tools

The major catalyst to this revolution is a new breed of cloud-based NewSQL and MPP databases, such as Redshift, which are simple to provision, and scale linearly and elastically. These platforms integrate seamlessly with cloud-based Hadoop implementations and cheap/dependable storage like S3. This provides many options for storing and processing large datasets cost effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, ETL is moving to the cloud as well, with new tools such as Amazon Data Pipelines and new cloud enabled versions of traditional ETL tools such as Informatica cloud.

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