Big Data Analysis and Hadoop Consulting

By working with Hadoop open source software, our specialists enable our clients to analyze data distributed across a number of clusters of computers. Enabling applications supported by Hadoop means our clients can develop a better, more targeted, customer experience, resulting in a better experience, improved service and more purchases.

Our Big Data Analysis Helps Clients to Understand Their Customers

We believe that performing a range of Big Data analysis services, including recommendation engines, sentiment analysis and entity extraction, are essential for the survival of data-intensive companies. To provide these capabilities, we utilize technologies such as Hive, Pig, Mahout and other Hadoop projects.

Big Data Recommendation Engines

Relevant recommendations play a major role in the positive buyer experience and have become a critical tool for online retailers, banks, insurance providers and most all other industries. The Big Data platform provides a scalable, flexible and cost effective infrastructure to create a recommendation engine that provides exponential improvement over traditional marketing. For more information on effectively building a recommendation engine, contact us.

Our Big Data offering integrates unstructured data analytics and Hadoop with existing traditional enterprise data systems. The result is world-class data analysis – amplified by the use of Big Data technologies.

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