Big Data Consulting and NoSQL Databases

Relational databases have served us well for decades and still continue to serve us well for a wide variety of analytic applications.  With the explosive growth of data and new types of data database technology, such as NoSQL, has evolved to meet these challenges.

The Age of NoSQL

From Facebook’s birth of Cassandra to the NSA’s recent source donation for Accumulo, the technology used to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges are now more readily available to organization of all sizes.

These databases are capable scaling far beyond the capabilities of traditional relational databases, horizontally scaling across commodity servers and storing petabytes of data performantly and efficiently.  Additionally new modeling concepts such as columnar, document, key-value, and graph can bring new flexibility to storing data that doesn’t fit well in a relational format.

High Performance Analytic Stores

Ingestion of large volumes of data at very low latency is one of the most desirable capabilities for a NoSQL database in our analytics architecture. Data volumes keep getting bigger and analytic users are looking to monitor and gain insights from this data in increasingly lower latency. Ingesting 1 million messages per second the relational world would be nearly impossible, but in a high performance columnar or key value store this can be achieved with a relatively low hardware footprint.

It’s a big NoSQL world out there

It seems that new NoSQL database are being born daily. All have their own nuanced architecture and functional capabilities. Selecting the right product and implementing with the right best practices is key critical to success. Sadly, many of these products may not remain strategically supported by their community or commercial organization, another component to consider in the selection process. Caserta Concepts has the experience and expertise to guide you through this process and architect a solution that will make your organization successful.

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