Data Mining Techniques

Caserta Concepts’ Data Mining Techniques and Concepts Put You a Step Ahead of the Competition

Our proven data mining concepts, techniques and adherence to best practice means that Caserta Concepts clients enjoy the ongoing benefits of our expertise. Our Data Warehouse experts are skilled in using a range of data mining algorithms and techniques to help clients gain new business insights from their data.

Our Expertise in a Variety of Data Mining Techniques Puts Our Solutions Ahead of Those Offered by Other Vendors

One of the most common data mining techniques is association. Our ecommerce clients find these data mining techniques particularly useful as they help to find out which variable are associated with each other. For example, association is used to find out which products customers frequently purchase alongside each other.

Clustering is another data mining technique utilized by our clients to gain market advantages. We provide clients with solutions that automatically cluster objects that have similar characteristics. This helps to streamline the data analysis process for clients who want to examine data in predefined groups.

Classification is a machine-learning based data mining technique, which classifies data into predefined classes or groups. Using statistical methods, together with data mining algorithms, neural networking, linear programming and other mathematical techniques and classifications helps our clients to make valuable predictions based on their existing data patterns.

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