Data Modeling

Logic from Chaos – Let Caserta Concepts Create Your Logical Data Model

Many businesses find that their data is not easily accessible and that their staff members often struggle to find the “right” data when a decision needs to be made. Caserta Concepts’ dimensional data modeling techniques are used to fulfill a vital role within the data warehouse consulting process – creating intuitive, well designed models.

Whether users want to look at an individual’s sales stats, or the sales of an entire international corporation, dimensional data modeling helps unlock this information.

Our clients find dimensional data modeling in the data warehouse design process ensures the business requirements are met and queries can be carried out quickly. Dimensional data models enable data warehouse structures to be designed iteratively, specifically to facilitate business-centric reporting.

Both a logical data model and a physical data model are necessary for most clients and Caserta Concepts’ expertise in using business requirements to drive and create solutions using agile data warehousing techniques is unsurpassed.

We Base our Superior Data Models on Your Unique Requirements

Some vendors organize a company’s data in the way they think is most appropriate or to accommodate packaged, predetermined reports, without embedding the unique requirements of the client. These product focused solutions leave users with a data warehouse that is lacking intuition and, fundamentally, does not deliver information in the way the users require it.

Caserta Concepts’ data modeling experts keep in constant open contact with client users who are actively engaged through agile data modeling sessions to deliver customized, efficient and effective dimensional data modeling solutions.

Talk to us to find out how our data modeling expertise can help create logical data organization within your organization.