Data Warehouse Implementation

Using the Caserta Methodology for a Smooth Data Warehouse Implementation

Since 2001, Joe Caserta and the team at Caserta Concepts have been completing successful data warehouse implementation projects. We understand better than other vendors that data warehouses need to cost-effectively deliver a continuous stream of business value to our clients. In short, our clients can expect to see a healthy return on their investment in their data warehouse.

We Offer a Smooth, Scalable Solution

When implementing a data warehouse, our methods are designed to be scalable and progressive through each stage of the implementation process. Our implementation process is cohesive thanks to our rigor around the Data Warehouse Bus Architecture.  Unlike many other providers, Caserta Concepts’ solutions are designed and built iteratively to ensure each phase is properly managed to run smoothly with a collectively scalable result.

Caserta Concepts Focuses on Your Business Requirements

An important part of the data warehouse implementation process is an efficient and effective business-needs analysis. Only through open and constant communication can we begin to develop the level of understanding required when implementing a data warehouse for a customer.

Quality Comes First in our Implementation Process

We believe that data quality is of the utmost importance and we provide continuous measurements of your data quality. These measurements are taken at built-in quality checkpoints that ensure data is auditable, complete and accurate.

If you would like to hear more about how we go about implementing a data warehouse, talk to us today.