Healthcare Big Data Warehouse Solutions

Meet New and Evolving Requirements With a Healthcare Big Data Warehouse from Caserta Concepts

The health care industry is increasingly reliant on data due to the proliferation of electronic health records, and more demanding State and Federal reporting requirements. Working with healthcare data warehouse experts with unrivalled experience in designing, planning and implementing high performance data solutions can help health care providers distribute, share, exchange and use their data more effectively.

Caserta Uses Proven Methodologies to Develop Your Healthcare Data Analytics Capabilities

Unlocking the value of data is essential to the development and growth of healthcare businesses. Caserta’s end-to-end healthcare data warehouse service helps our clients to solve challenges such as patient care management, improving clinical performance and meeting regulatory challenges.

As the healthcare industry requires increasingly effective data analysis, organizations need to know they are working with a data warehouse solution that puts quality and accuracy first. Caserta’s healthcare clients can rely on the tried and tested methodologies and best practice approach we take to develop healthcare data analytics solutions.

We build data quality checkpoints into our data warehouse designing process, which ensures data is complete, accurate and auditable. Our methodologies have been formed as a result of our historically successful projects and are based on the framework set out in The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit (Wiley 2004), by Ralph Kimball and our founder, Joe Caserta.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts to find out how our healthcare data warehouse solution can unlock the value in your data.