Cloudera Big Data / Hadoop

Caserta Concept’s experts know that businesses need to be able to make sense of Big Data to remain competitive. We think one of the best ways to do this is by leveraging Cloudera’s Hadoop Platform, an open source software framework.

Cloudera says that, ‘with Hadoop, no data is too big.’ We agree and have years of experience working with this cutting-edge technology that supports data-intensive activities and operations – helping our clients make sense of their growing data sets.

Working With Cloudera Big Data Technology Helps You to Gain Insight from Your Data

Caserta Concepts’ experts work extensively with Cloudera’s distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) technology as it enables businesses to digest structured and unstructured data flowing into their companies’ all day, every day. Hadoop helps our clients make better business decisions, based on facts and intelligence gleaned from data that they may previously have ignored.

We guide our clients through the process of using Cloudera Enterprise to store data from a variety of systems and external sources. The data can then be analyzed and value can be taken, helping to gain competitive advantage and increase profitability and productivity.

The solutions we deliver to our clients are:

  • Fully scalable
  • Future-facing
  • Business-led
  • Based on tried and tested methodologies

Talk to our Caserta concepts about the insights your business could gain from using this exciting open-source system.