Microstrategy Business Intelligence

Caserta Concepts are Experts in Getting the Most From Microstrategy Business Intelligence

Caserta Concepts helps businesses to see their complex data displayed in ordered, easily accessible dashboards using Microstrategy Business Intelligence solutions.

Here at Caserta Concepts, our experts are effective and experienced in creating data warehouse solutions using the very latest advancements made by Microstrategy Business Intelligence. We use this technology to help our clients get more value from their data and make the process of decision-making straightforward and informed.

Technology That Offer a Range of Capabilities

Our clients find that using Microstrategy Business Intelligence helps them to gain a competitive advantage by gaining better access to their data to:

  • Optimize strategies for revenue growth
  • Enhance customer relations
  • Improve productivity

Microstrategy is leveraged on our data warehouse solutions to access and presents data stored in a range of DBMS systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Teradata, Sybase IQ, etc. and also is presented via Mobile units for a clearer view of your businesses’ vital information while on the road.

With any business intelligence solution, we find even the best technologies are wasted without a proper architecture, design and implementation of an effective data warehouse and data analysis solution. Caserta Concepts’ clients we will carry out a full, review of their business needs and will create a business-led, future-facing solution architecture that is fully scalable and extensible.

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