Archived Webinar: Key Reasons to Move the Data Warehouse to the Cloud

While the established data warehouse excels at core analytics, enterprises need to be more agile than ever before because of the Internet of Things. In a recent DTBA roundtable webcast, Joe Caserta, president and CEO of Caserta Concepts, and Wendy Lucas, program director for IBM Data Warehouse marketing at IBM, discussed the benefits of data … [Read more...]

Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Datameer and Azure for Big Data Insights (Slides)

Caserta Concepts, Datameer and Microsoft shared their combined knowledge and a use case on big data, the cloud and deep analytics. At the Meetup, hosted at Microsoft offices, attendees learned how a global leader in the test, measurement and control systems market reduced their big data implementations from 18 months to just a few. Speakers … [Read more...]

Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Solving Big Data Challenges in the Cloud (Slides)

The following presentations were given at a Big Data Warehousing Meetup with Caserta Concepts, MediaMath and Qubole. You can learn more about the event here. Solving Big Data Challenges in the Cloud from Caserta Concepts Moving Past Infrastructure Limitations  Big Data Platform for the Cloud  … [Read more...]

Challenges in the Cloud (Video)

The finance sector is at the forefront of electronic transactions and, think about it, you trust your most private data to financial institutions every day. Caserta Concepts president Joe Caserta talks about the challenges of adequately securing that data and the technology needed to do the job right. For questions or more information on the … [Read more...]

To Cloud, Or Not to Cloud…That is the Question

To Cloud, Or Not to Cloud...That is the Question Featured in IT Briefcase Written by Joe Caserta, President at Caserta Concepts One of the biggest decisions any business will need to make this year is where to store the company’s data. Is renting space in the Cloud the answer, or is it best to keep data in-house by investing in the appropriate … [Read more...]