Data science expert interview: Joe Caserta

Caserta CEO Joe Caserta talks about the role of the Data Scientist, the Data Lake, Spark, Graph Analysis and more. Watch Joe's interview, conducted by James Korbelius, IBM big data evangelist and Senior Program Director, at IBM's recent Apache Spark Maker event in SF. Access the video on YouTube. For more information, please contact us. … [Read more...]

The Data Lake – Balancing Data Governance and Innovation (Slides)

DAMA NY's recent showcase meeting - DAMA-Day 2016 Symposium - devoted its entire agenda to Big Data Governance and featured Joe Caserta.  Joe focused on the governance of data lakes and data warehouses in his presentation "The Data Lake:  Balancing Data Governance and Innovation". For more information on Caserta Concepts, contact us. … [Read more...]

The Emerging Role of the Data Lake (Slides)

The 20th annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference took place in San Diego last month April 17-21.  It is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. Joe Caserta was a featured presenter. His session “Evolving from the Data Warehouse to Big Data Analytics - the Emerging Role of the Data Lake," … [Read more...]

Data lake governance: A big data do or die

“Data lake governance may not be a sexy undertaking, but it's become a critical component in modern data architecture, according to experts,” reports Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer at TeachTarget/Search CIO.  Read what Joe Caserta, CEO of Caserta Concepts, has to say about the role of the data lake and managing the ever-increasing influx of … [Read more...]

How a Global Entertainment Company Successfully Built a Data Lake for Continued Digital Dominance (Video)

Strata+Hadoop World is a “must-attend” event for those looking to immerse themselves in the big data scene and keep up with technology trends. It is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. Joe Caserta, CEO Caserta Concepts, and Elliott Cordo, Chief Architect Caserta Concepts were featured speakers on Day 1 … [Read more...]

The Impact of the Data Lake on Enterprise BI (Slides)

Driven by the need to make more informed, data-driven decisions, today’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics leaders face tough challenges. As more organizations turn to “data scientists” to effectively analyze massive amounts of disparate data for deeper, actionable insights to streamline business processes and improve decision-making … [Read more...]

Enterprise Dataversity 2015 (Slides)

Enterprise Dataversity:  Data Strategy, Architecture and Analytics took place November 2-5 in Chicago. An enthusiastic crowd of IT and Business executives ranging from CDOs, CAOs and VPs of Information Management, to Data Architects and Data Scientists came for in-depth educational sessions from world class speakers and industry leaders. Joe … [Read more...]

Setting Up the Data Lake (Slides)

Joe Caserta, President at Caserta Concepts, presented "Setting Up the Data Lake" at a DAMA Philadelphia Chapter Meeting. Setting Up the Data Lake from Caserta Concepts For more information on the services offered by Caserta Concepts, contact us. … [Read more...]

Building a Data Lake for Digital Music Dominance, Strata+Hadoop World 2015 (Slides)

Joe Caserta, President of Caserta Concepts and Elliott Cordo, Chief Architect of Caserta Concepts presented "Building a Data Lake for Digital Music Dominance" at Strata+Hadoop World 2015. Building a Data Lake for Digital Music Dominance, Strata+Hadoop World 2015 from Caserta Concepts With a broad roster of new stars and legendary artists, … [Read more...]

Big Data: Setting Up the Big Data Lake (Slides)

In this presentation at DAMA New York, Joe started by asking a key question: why are we doing this? Why analyze and share all these massive amounts of data? Basically, it comes down to the belief that in any organization, in any situation, if we can get the data and make it correct and timely, insights from it will become instantly actionable for … [Read more...]