Archived Webinar: Key Reasons to Move the Data Warehouse to the Cloud

While the established data warehouse excels at core analytics, enterprises need to be more agile than ever before because of the Internet of Things. In a recent DTBA roundtable webcast, Joe Caserta, president and CEO of Caserta Concepts, and Wendy Lucas, program director for IBM Data Warehouse marketing at IBM, discussed the benefits of data … [Read more...]

Data Warehousing in the Era of Big Data

“The future is coming fast” says Big Data Quarterly Group Publisher Tom Hogan  and “big data trends loom large.” Featured in the Winter 2015 issue of Big Data Quarterly is a piece by Joe Caserta and Elliott Cordo that provides some perspective on established protocols and procedures and their place in our data-driven world. Data Warehousing in the … [Read more...]

Pre-Packaged Data Warehousing – A Solution or an Oxymoron?

Pre-Packaged Data Warehousing – A Solution or an Oxymoron? Featured Article in IT Briefcase by Bob Eilbacher, Vice President Marketing & Sales A critical component of a successful Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) initiative is the ability to accurately reflect a company’s core structures and processes. No two companies are alike – and all … [Read more...]

Today’s Concepts, August: Big Data, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence News

Big data, data warehousing and business intelligence news Access the August Issue of Today’s Concepts here, covering big data, data warehousing and business intelligence news. In this issue, we covered: It's a Big NoSQL World Out There - From Facebook's birth of Cassandra to the NSA's recent source donation for Accumulo, the technology used … [Read more...]

Data Scientists to Wipe out Business Analysts

Read the recent blog by Joe Caserta, CEO of Caserta Concepts on Wired's Innovation Insights: Data Scientists to Wipe out Business Analysts. The Data Scientist isn’t a new concept. The science of analyzing data has been around for a long time. For years, companies have been utilizing a data science team, consisting of a group of statisticians, … [Read more...]

Data Predictions for 2013

“Big Data” was all the rage in 2012. Everyone from your company’s executives to President Obama had something to say about it. To begin the New Year, we asked our founder and CEO, Joe Caserta, to look into his crystal ball and answer the question, “What will be the biggest data trends in 2013?” 1. Big Data and data warehouses will merge to … [Read more...]