The Data Lake – Balancing Data Governance and Innovation (Slides)

DAMA NY's recent showcase meeting - DAMA-Day 2016 Symposium - devoted its entire agenda to Big Data Governance and featured Joe Caserta.  Joe focused on the governance of data lakes and data warehouses in his presentation "The Data Lake:  Balancing Data Governance and Innovation". For more information on Caserta Concepts, contact us. … [Read more...]

Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Datameer and Azure for Big Data Insights (Slides)

Caserta Concepts, Datameer and Microsoft shared their combined knowledge and a use case on big data, the cloud and deep analytics. At the Meetup, hosted at Microsoft offices, attendees learned how a global leader in the test, measurement and control systems market reduced their big data implementations from 18 months to just a few. Speakers … [Read more...]

Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Using Apache Spark for Mastering Customer Data (Slides)

The AWS PopUp Loft on West Broadway in NYC provided the venue for the most recent Big Data Warehousing Meetup. The topic, Using Apache Spark for Mastering Customer Data, had Caserta Concepts and Databricks addressing the number one operational and analytic goal of every organization today – to have a complete view of every customer. After an … [Read more...]

Introducing Kudu with Cloudera (Slides)

Not just an SQL interface or file system, Kudu - the new, updating column store for Hadoop, is changing the storage landscape. It's easy to operate and makes new data immediately available for analytics or operations. At the Caserta Concepts Big Data Warehousing Meetup, our guests from Cloudera outlined the functionality of Kudu and talked about … [Read more...]

The Impact of the Data Lake on Enterprise BI (Slides)

Driven by the need to make more informed, data-driven decisions, today’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics leaders face tough challenges. As more organizations turn to “data scientists” to effectively analyze massive amounts of disparate data for deeper, actionable insights to streamline business processes and improve decision-making … [Read more...]

Balancing Data Governance and Innovation (Slides)

How do you balance the need for structured and rule-based governance to assure enterprise data quality - with the imperative to innovate in order to stay relevant and competitive in today's business marketplace? At the recent CDO Summit in NYC, a range of C-Level Executives across a variety of industries came to hear Joe Caserta, president of … [Read more...]

Enterprise Dataversity 2015 (Slides)

Enterprise Dataversity:  Data Strategy, Architecture and Analytics took place November 2-5 in Chicago. An enthusiastic crowd of IT and Business executives ranging from CDOs, CAOs and VPs of Information Management, to Data Architects and Data Scientists came for in-depth educational sessions from world class speakers and industry leaders. Joe … [Read more...]

Setting Up the Data Lake (Slides)

Joe Caserta, President at Caserta Concepts, presented "Setting Up the Data Lake" at a DAMA Philadelphia Chapter Meeting. Setting Up the Data Lake from Caserta Concepts For more information on the services offered by Caserta Concepts, contact us. … [Read more...]

Big Data Warehousing Meetup: Dimensional Modeling Still Matters!!! (Slides)

In a recent Big Data Warehousing Meetup, Joe Caserta went over the details inside the big data ecosystem and the Caserta Concepts Data Pyramid, which includes Data Ingestion, Data Lake/Data Science Workbench and the Big Data Warehouse. He then dove into the foundation of dimensional data modeling, which is as important as ever in the top tier of … [Read more...]

Data Summit 2015 (Slides)

Joe Caserta presented a workshop titled: Introduction to Data Science and Elliott Cordo presented Hadoop and Your Data Warehouse at Data Summit 2015. Below are their slides and additional info. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly. Introduction to Data Science Workshop by Joe Caserta Data science, the ability to sift … [Read more...]