Agile Data Warehouse Training

Collaborative BI Requirements Gathering and Agile Dimensional Modeling Workshop

This 2-day course is presented by leading data warehousing expert and author Lawrence Corr covering the latest agile techniques for capturing analytical data requirements and designing effective data warehouses and Business Intelligence (DW/BI) systems.

We are living through a Big Data revolution. Our organizations are not short of data, exciting new database technologies or powerful data visualization tools but do our people have data models that actually help them decide what data is important, navigate that data and ask better business questions? Most data models, produced using highly technical database modelling tools, help us to efficiently store data but they don’t engage people.

Model Storming workshops are a great alternative for getting groups to think clearly about their data and how to use it for BI. In this lively 2-day course, Lawrence Corr bestselling author of Agile Data Warehouse Design will show you how to model collaboratively using BEAM (Business Event Analysis & Modelling) to gather and prioritize data requirements, avoid model map shock, create a shared understanding of data possibilities and design flexible information systems.

Agile Techniques

Agile software development emphasizes early and frequent delivery of working software, IT/stakeholder collaboration and responsiveness to change. This course covers BEAM (Business Event Analysis & Modeling) and model storming (collaborative data modeling + brainstorming): a set of practical tools and techniques for applying agility to the design of the earliest needed and most important working software for DW/BI: database schemas.

What you will learn

  • Model storming: collaborative tools, techniques and soft skills for visual, interactive and fun data modelling
  • BEAM (Business Event Analysis & Modelling): an agile approach to dimensional modelling
  • Data story-telling using the 7Ws (who, what, when, where, how many, why and how)
  • How to help BI users develop powerful mental maps for exploring their data
  • How to rapidly translate data requirements into flexible, efficient star schema designs
  • Dimensional Design Pattern Recognition: identifying common BI problems and their solutions
  • How to incrementally plan, design and develop BI solutions with agility

Throughout the course, modelstorming techniques are reinforced by games, team exercises, quizzes and real-world examples drawn from Lawrence’s extensive consulting experience.

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at business and IT professionals who want to develop better data warehouses and BI solutions faster. Business analysts, scrum masters, data modelers/architects, DBA’s and application developers, new to DW/BI, will benefit from the rapid business-oriented introduction dimensional modeling provided. Experienced DW/BI practitioners and dimensional modelers will learn new model storming techniques for leveraging their hard-earned industry knowledge and fully engaging BI stakeholders in the design process.

Day 1: Data Model Storming – Agile Data Requirements Analysis

  • BI/DW data requirements, challenges and opportunities: the need for agility
  • Modeling with BI stakeholders: the case for collaborative data modeling
  • Modeling for measurement: the case for dimensional modeling
  • Thinking dimensional: using 7Ws (who, what, when, where, how many, why and how) to describe data
  • BEAM (Business Event Analysis and Modeling): an agile approach to dimensional modeling
  • Data stories, themes and BEAM tables: modeling BI data requirements by example
  • Hierarchy charts: modeling dimensional drill-downs and rollups
  • Change stories: capturing historical reporting requirements (slowly changing dimension business rules)
  • Storyboarding the data warehouse design: matrix planning and estimating for agile BI development
  • The Business Model Canvas: aligning DW/BI design with business model innovation

Day 2: Agile Star Schema Design

  • Balancing ‘just enough design up front’ (JEDUF) and ‘just in time’ (JIT) data modeling
  • Test-driven design: data profiling for validating and improving requirements models
  • Data warehouse reuse: identifying, defining and developing conformed dimensions and facts
  • The BI Model Canvas: a systematic approach to star schema design
  • Designing flexible, high performance star schemas, taking full advantage of surrogate keys
  • Refactoring star schemas: responding to change, dealing with data debt
  • Fact types and when to use them: transactions, periodic snapshots and accumulating snapshots
  • Timelines: modeling time and process measurement
  • Fact additivity: additive, semi-additive and non-additive measures
  • Lean DW documentation: enhanced star schemas, BEAM* short codes, DW matrix
  • BI design pattern recognition: using the 7Ws to identify dimensional design patterns that fit your data

About the Trainer

Lawrence Corr is a leading BI/DW consultant, author and trainer who has worked throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and South Africa developing analytical solutions for healthcare, telecoms, engineering, broadcasting, financial services and retail. He specializes in helping organizations adopt better data design practices. He is the author of ‘Agile Data Warehouse Design: Collaborative Dimensional Modeling, from Whiteboard to Star Schema’ (an Amazon #1 bestseller in data warehousing and database design) and a past contributor to Ralph Kimball articles and design tips.

Course Material

Everyone attending the course will receive the course workbook, BEAM* agile dimensional modeling reference card, downloadable templates and a copy of ‘Agile Data Warehouse Design’ (DecisionOne Press, 2011) by Lawrence Corr and Jim Stagnitto.