Big Data Training

Big Data Training from the Ground Up

Learn about big data from ground up: Overview of Apache Hadoop echosystem and why Hadoop? Introduction to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) architecture, MapReduce framework, and Hbase (for real time analytics). Manage Hadoop cluster and user security using Cloudera Manager. Introduction to higher abstraction layers such as Hive, Pig, Impala – the real time query engine, how to use higher abstraction layers for rapid development effectively. Load data into Hadoop cluster, introduction to MapReduce applications development for real world use cases such as relevance systems, data archival, early warning signals, sentimental analysis etc. Design an optimal Hadoop data processing pipeline for an analytics platform.

Learn how to gain much needed competitive edge using Hadoop based distributed parallel computing platform, how to evangelize big data platform in your organization, and finally future trends in distributed big data computing

    Big Data Essentials Training Course

      • Big Data Concepts
        • What is big data?
        • Big Data Technology landscape
      • HADOOP
        • HDFS
        • Map Reduce
      • Big Data use cases
      • Big Data – Solution development
        • Hive
        • Pig
        • Python/Java
      • Big Data – Low latency solutions development
        • Hbase basics
        • Developing solutions using Hbase
      • Integrating Big Data solution with traditional data warehouse technologies
      • Data science
        • What is data science and machine learning?
        • What is Mahout? – Mahout based  machine learning solutions development e.g. Recommender/Relevance Systems, Sentiment analysis,  and Campaign effectiveness
        • Big Data Technology future landscape