Master Data Management Training

This seminar provides a practical guide to implementing successful Master Data Management from experience.

Master data refers to the significant entities of the organization where there is considerable interest in and potential controversy over the build of an enterprise view.

Many companies today are codifying efforts to focus on master sets for customer, product, supplier, and other subjects. This is being done to gain efficiencies and direct or indirect bottom-line company improvement. This session will discuss what MDM is, how it is architected into information management environments, and how to outline the business case.

This seminar provides a practical guide to implementing successful MDM from experience. It covers all the aspects of MDM, from justification to architecture to data management and project management. This class gives the common process, organizational and architectural focus for building strategies and implementing master data management programs such as those that have consistently, for many years, improved the productivity and performance for clients including global corporate giants.

This is the vendor-neutral class that every organization needs, regardless of the tool selected.


You will learn

  • How MDM provides benefits to an organization and how to justify an MDM project
  • The various architectural styles of MDM
  • How to incorporate syndicated data to MDM
  • What MDM provides for hierarchy management and data governance
  • How to improve data quality in an MDM system
  • How to go to market for an MDM tool
  • How to understand the workload given a tool and the requirements
  • How to manage an MDM project
  • All the roles and responsibilities on an MDM project
  • How to manage the organizational change that occurs with MDM projects
  • How some other companies effectively did MDM


  • Business Analysts
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Data Administrators
  • Data Architects
  • Data Modelers
  • Data Stewards
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Designers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Information Technology Leadership
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Systems Analysts

Course Outline

  • MDM Overview
  • MDM Justification
    • The Process of Master Data Management Justification
    • Return on Investment
    • 8 Step Methodology to MDM ROI Attainment and Measurement
    • Investments in MDM
  • MDM Architecture
    • Architecture Approaches
    • Business Process Workflows
    • Hierarchy Management
    • Customer Data Integration
    • Product Information Management
  • Master Data
    • Conforming Dimensions for the Enterprise
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Security
    • Syndicated Data
    • Web-Based Business Content
    • Best Practices for Third-Party Data
    • International Data
  • Data Quality
    • Data Quality Methodology
    • Data Quality Rules
  • MDM Tool Selection
    • Tool Functionality
    • Request for Information and Request for Proposal
    • Proof of Concept and Final Selection
    • Marketplace Review
    • MDM Software Pricing
  • MDM Project Management
    • Agile MDM Methodology
    • MDM Project Phases
    • MDM Project Roles and Responsibilities
    • Organizing and Planning for MDM Success
    • Data Governance
    • Documenting Master Data Management Projects
    • Organizational Change Management
  • Case Studies 


This Master Data Management course is taught by William McKnight.